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Why should you book a mini session?|Philadelphia Family Photography Mini Sessions

Family Photography Mini Sessions in an amazing area like Philadelphia are amazing and so beautiful. Especially for families with young children who’s attention span isn’t able to do an hour long session. Let’s be honest what toddler wants to spend more then 30 minute smiling at the camera? Mini sessions are perfect for little ones, we do them outside where they can have some room to run around.

Philadelphia mini session photographer


Family photography mini sessions take place in a beautiful location for the appropriate season in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. Mini sessions are typically 30 minutes and comes with 5 high resolution digital images of your choice. You receive full printing rights to your digital image to print them and share them on social media. Your session also includes a complimentary consultation for outfit planning if you would like.

Philadelphia mini session photographer


I like to keep mini sessions simple and base the theme of off whatever season it is at the time they are taking place. In the spring I love to do mini sessions with beautiful flowers and trees the are in full bloom. Surround your beautiful family by all things spring. In the fall the location is selected based off of what location offers the most beautiful fall colors. There is nothing like getting family photos done in the fall with all of the leaves changing colors. For summer mini sessions the location is usually filled with greenery, a beautiful pond or some type of water. Winter mini sessions can be so beautiful with all of the white fluffy snow and being bundled up in scarves and nice jackets. I have included some of images from this fall’s family photography mini sessions. If you are interested in information on upcoming mini sessions click here

Philadelphia mini session photographer

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    Whats is in my photography camera bag? | Philadelphia Photographer


      Whats is in my photography camera bag

    I have been wanting to write a blog post about what I keep in my camera bag for awhile now. When I first started photography I was so overwhelmed by all of the gear and options. I felt that I needed every type of lens my camera bag had too many things in it. Over the years I have learned exactly what I need for each situation.

    Studio Lens for Newborns, Maternity and Family Portraits

    In the studio I use the same lens for all the sessions for each type of session The Sigma 24-70mm  F/2.8.   What I love about the 24-70 is how versatile it is and works well for all my studio sessions. For newborns I love that I am able to zoom in and out and get several images without changing lenses. It gives you the variety that I love to provide clients with for a lot of options. For Maternity and Family portraits I am able to get full body images and crop.

    The only time the 24-70mm comes off my camera in the studio is when I put my Macro lens on. My Macro lens is a Nikon 105mm. A Macro Lens is used for close up photos. For a newborn session it is amazing for those tiny toes and other details.

    Outdoor Portrait Lens

    My go to lens for any of my family, Maternity or couples sessions outside is my Nikon 70-22mm f2.8. What I love about this lens is how it compresses the background and make my clients stand out in the image. This is the only lens that I use outside I usually don’t bring another lens to my outdoor sessions. Because it is a zoom lens it really compresses the background better then my other lenses. The compressed background is the look that I go for in all my outdoor images.


    Camera Body

    I shoot with a Nikon D750 It is a full frame DSLR. What I love about this camera is that it is so fast and it has multiple focus point options. The Nikon D750 is a power house in the DSLR market.  One other thing that I really love about my camera is that it takes very high quality video. I am so excited to start using this function more of my camera and offering video.





    Thank you for viewing This Blog and Photos!  If you’re interested in Newborn , Maternity or family  photography, please Contact us for a free consultation! We would love to talk with you.

    I have  been shooting families, couples and children in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas for a few years now and I really love it! My style can be summed up as “timeless” and “quality” and my passion is to capture you, and your family genuine interaction and love for one another and to preserve your most cherished moments, so that they will not fade with time. I truly care about you, and giving you the experience you deserve.

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      Meyer Family | Philadelphia Newborn Photos


      Zadie was born on July 27th 2018 weighing 8lbs 3oz with a beautiful head of hair!  Beautiful Zadie was 13 day’s old when she came in with her amazing parents for her newborn photos.  The Meyer family are one of the cutest families which is one of the many reasons I love my job. I get to work with parents who are loving and fussing over their precious new babies it truly is amazing.  I always tell families to snuggle  and love each other up, I didn’t have to say anything.  handed mom her beautiful daughter and was telling dad where to stand.  Before I could tell dad to snuggle in and get close, he was already snuggled in with his girls.

      Zadie came into the studio sleeping and pretty much stayed that way the entire session she made my job easier she was such a dream. I recently purchased two beautiful flower crowns from the amazing Baby Bliss Props. I love flowers and little girls I used one of flower crowns in this session and  added some really pretty flowers in the photos with the pink bucket.  This precious little girl and the flowers are too much cuteness it really makes my heart melt. I truly have the best job on earth. If you enjoyed this blog you can click HERE to read a smilier blog post. If you have recently booked a newborn session you can click HERE to read a post about how to prepare for your upcoming session.

      Philadelphia Newborn PhotosPhiladelphia Newborn PhotosPhiladelphia Newborn PhotosPhiladelphia Newborn Photos

      Philadelphia Newborn PhotosPhiladelphia Newborn Photos

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        Tips for the your newborn photography session |Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

        Tips for the your newborn photography session |Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

        Ok so you have googled and searched for a Philadelphia Newborn Photographer and picked the perfect one for your family.   Now its the day of your newborn photography session and you are not sure what you need to do. I am going to list the things that I found to be helpful for the session. If you have chosen me as your photographer you will receive a detailed welcome packet with everything you need to know and then some.


        1. Feed your baby right before you leave the house for the session. It should be the very last thing that you do when leaving. So that your precious baby has a full belly and falls asleep on the car ride over to the studio.
        2. When you are dressing your baby for the session do not put them in a onesies. I recommend a outfit that buttons or zippers down the front. Taking the onesie off over the babies head could disrupt them and startled them.
        3. Pack 2-3 spare bottles for the session. I know that it is a lot of bottles but normally you feed and put the baby down to rest. During their newborn photography session they are being stimulated more and work up more of an appetite. If you are strictly breastfeeding do not worry I have a couch in the studio for you to get comfortable on and breast feed.
        4. Pack a pacifier for the baby they can come in very handy to help sooth the baby during the session. Even if you haven’t introduced one it is still a good idea to pack one, I also have brand new ones in the studio that you can use and take home if needed. If you are not interested introducing a pacifier to your baby please do not worry it is not a necessity just a suggestion.
        5. The studio is kept very warm to accommodate the baby since they are use to being in their mommy’s belly. A cool or cold studio could make the baby very cranky when we are undressing and swaddling the baby for the different posing. I recommend that any parents or siblings that are coming not to weary any super heavy clothing. I would suggest wearing lighter clothing things that you won’t sweat in when in the warm studio.
        6. For family and sibling outfits I suggest that you pick a neutral color family. Then work 2-3 of those colors  throughout the entire families outfits. You can use accent jewelry, dress scarves and other accessories to tie in some of the colors. If you have booked your session with me I offer a complimentary outfit planning consultation to help your family plan.

        Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

        If you liked this blog you can click here for some great tips on what to wear to your family photography session.

        Philadelphia Newborn Photographer Philadelphia Newborn Photographer Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

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        • RoseSeptember 1, 2018 - 2:24 pm

          Great tips! Your work is beautiful!!! ReplyCancel

        Newborn Family Photos | Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

        Philadelphia Newborn Photographer


        This was my first time meeting the amazing Goh Family. Momma was concerned that her beautiful baby was already 11 days old and they hadn’t scheduled newborn photos  yet. I am a full time  Philadelphia Newborn Photographer but I am also a mom of 2 girls. So I know how much you have going on during pregnancy and those first few days with baby at home. Pictures can sometimes be one of the things that families forget to schedule. I always try to accommodate parents if they havent scheduled a head of time because I really believe that newborns photos are so important. My oldest is starting high school this year so I know how time goes by so fast and how fast your kids change especially in the first few months. They are only so small for such a short time so documenting this time is so important. Then one day you will get to pull out these pictures when they are grown and show them how tiny they once were and they will so the joy and love that surrounded them.

        The Goh Family

        The morning of the session big brother James came in so proud and so in love with his new sister. Newborn sessions can be long but he was so good and so interested in what we were doing.   Sweet Isabel was born on July 25th 2018 weighing 6lbs 9oz. She was such an angel during her session she barely made a peep and loved to be swaddled. We had so much fun taking pictures of her with her beautiful momma, her proud daddy and her big brother. Of course we took a bunch of just her because these are her debut pictures to the world.

        I truly loved spending time with this family and look forward to seeing them again. I had such a hard time picking out just a few photos because I love them all, but here are a few of my favorites. Leave some love in the comments field below the family and I would love to read them. If you enjoyed reading this blog you can read some other ones similar by clicking here or here. 



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        • LindseySeptember 17, 2018 - 12:52 am

          You captured this family session so Beautifully! I can’t wait to get pregnant I didn’t realize you where in Philadelphia! That’s not to far from me !ReplyCancel

        • TabithaSeptember 17, 2018 - 1:33 am

          Lovely photos. My girls are 16 and 11 and I wish I had photos like these of them. ReplyCancel