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Whats is in my photography camera bag? | Philadelphia Photographer


  Whats is in my photography camera bag

I have been wanting to write a blog post about what I keep in my camera bag for awhile now. When I first started photography I was so overwhelmed by all of the gear and options. I felt that I needed every type of lens my camera bag had too many things in it. Over the years I have learned exactly what I need for each situation.

Studio Lens for Newborns, Maternity and Family Portraits

In the studio I use the same lens for all the sessions for each type of session The Sigma 24-70mm  F/2.8.   What I love about the 24-70 is how versatile it is and works well for all my studio sessions. For newborns I love that I am able to zoom in and out and get several images without changing lenses. It gives you the variety that I love to provide clients with for a lot of options. For Maternity and Family portraits I am able to get full body images and crop.

The only time the 24-70mm comes off my camera in the studio is when I put my Macro lens on. My Macro lens is a Nikon 105mm. A Macro Lens is used for close up photos. For a newborn session it is amazing for those tiny toes and other details.

Outdoor Portrait Lens

My go to lens for any of my family, Maternity or couples sessions outside is my Nikon 70-22mm f2.8. What I love about this lens is how it compresses the background and make my clients stand out in the image. This is the only lens that I use outside I usually don’t bring another lens to my outdoor sessions. Because it is a zoom lens it really compresses the background better then my other lenses. The compressed background is the look that I go for in all my outdoor images.


Camera Body

I shoot with a Nikon D750 It is a full frame DSLR. What I love about this camera is that it is so fast and it has multiple focus point options. The Nikon D750 is a power house in the DSLR market.  One other thing that I really love about my camera is that it takes very high quality video. I am so excited to start using this function more of my camera and offering video.





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